The bond between a young child and the family pet is always very special. Their friendships are built on a natural sense of trust and love, but the most important part of their relationship might just be patience!

Children are always curious about animals, and pets learn that fact pretty quickly. Just look at these adorable animals who love their little humans enough to patiently put up with just about anything!

1. He didn’t realize it was time for a checkup!

2. “Say ‘Ah!'”

3. “So…we’re just gonna let this happen?”

4. Everyone knows dogs make the comfiest seats…

5. …And pillows!

6. He doesn’t mind giving her a boost!

7. “I guess there’s not much I can do at this point…”


8. “How rude!”

9. All dogs know how important it is to sneak a peek out the window!

10. “Well…I guess this is happening.”

11. “Um…a little help here?”


12. Say “cheese!”

13. Something tells me he didn’t have much say in the matter…

pet-13For My Hour

14. “I didn’t ask for a massage, but oh well…”

15. She’s just trying to keep him warm!

16. “Urghrhghgh…”

17. That rocking chair definitely merits a closer inspection!

18. “Om, nom, nom, nom!”

19. Something tells me he’s not exactly thrilled about this…

20. The girl on the right seems appropriately puzzled…

21. Talk about being “on the lamb!”

LOL! If patience is a virtue, consider these animals saints!

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