Most good people would do almost anything to save an animal in distress. It’s just human nature to want to lend a helping hand when necessary.

So it’s difficult to imagine what would make someone who had hit a helpless animal with their car take off without first waiting for help to arrive. How could anyone be so cruel?

Still, that’s exactly what happened recently in Australia when someone struck a poor kangaroo with their vehicle. By the time someone showed up to help, they thought it was too late. That’s when rescuers spotted this…

It’s troubling to imagine that someone could hit an animal with their vehicle and leave the scene without so much as a care in the world. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in Victoria, Australia, recently when an unknown person struck a kangaroo with their car and fled the scene…

kangaroo-birth-1Christine Fraser

Thankfully, a group of people noticed the ailing, helpless animal lying on the side of the road and called for help. Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and Wildlife Victoria worker Melanie Fraser responded as quickly as possible. That’s when they realized the kangaroo wasn’t alone…

kang-roo-1Christine Fraser

Sadly, by the time Melanie arrived on the scene of the hit-and-run, she realized that the kangaroo had passed away. It wasn’t a moment later, though, that she looked down in awe to see a small arm reaching up from the animal’s pouch for help…

kang-roo-2Christine Fraser

When Melanie looked inside of the kangaroo’s pouch, she found a newborn joey. And it’s a good thing she did; if she’d waited any longer, it was possible that the baby wouldn’t have survived the horrific ordeal at all.

“Had he been left much longer, ants or the elements would have eventually killed him,” she said in an interview.

Melanie brought the newborn kangaroo, whom she named Dawson, to Christine Gilmore, a wildlife rehabilitation staff member. Christine was more than happy to take in the animal and give it the care it so desperately needed.

kang-roo-3Christine Fraser

Luckily, Dawson wouldn’t be alone while he continued to heal at the center for the next 18 to 24 months. He was paired with another orphaned kangaroo, named Nelson! “Nelson is a little bigger than [Dawson], and they will grow together and be released together,” Christine said.

kangaroo-birth-4Christine Fraser

“He will eventually be introduced into his own little mob of orphans, including the one he is currently buddied up with,” Melanie said. “Slowly, he will have less and less interaction with his [caretakers] until he is deemed to be a wild kangaroo, who is capable of surviving without human intervention.”

Luckily someone found Dawson before it was too late! Here’s to hoping he has a speedy and successful recovery.

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