When we’re growing up, we learn that not everyone is the same, and it’s perfectly okay to be different. For kids, this is particularly apparent in eye color, especially when you learn that not everyone has the same color eyes as you.

In the animal kingdom, there’s an incredibly rare condition in cats that not only affects their eye color, but everything about their physical appearance…

Heterochromia is rare condition in cats where each of their eyes is a different color.

Sectoral heterochromia, on the other hand, is when each cat’s eye is two different colors.

Cats with heterochromia are mostly white, though no one knows why.

Some of them have spots.

Some of them are a little, well, intense.

Some of them look like real-life cartoon characters.

But they’re all positively captivating.

This cat looks like a living work of art.

Its eyes kind of look like the Earth as viewed from space.

This kitty is positively hypnotizing!

This guy is using his special eyes to stalk something exciting!

With those eyes and that nose, this cat wins the award for most unique.

I can’t look away from this beautiful cat’s gaze.

Looking at this cat is my moment of zen for the day.

Different is beautiful, and these cats prove it.

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