No matter where you live or work, it’s common to pass by a construction site from time to time. It may not always be obvious to us exactly what kind of project workers are toiling away to complete, but for passersby, the basics of every construction project seem to be the same: Dig with heavy machinery, make lots of noise, rinse and repeat.

If you lived anywhere near this construction site in Bolu, Turkey, however, you might have a very different perspective on that process. There was an unexpected resident on the site that nobody could have accounted for, and when he was discovered, it gave workers—and everyone in the area—a total shock the day they broke ground in a new location…

There are lots of factors builders must consider to ensure a safe and successful construction project. This is true from the planning stages through completion. The last thing a construction team needs is a surprise. Sometimes, though, that’s exactly what they get.

In September 2015, a team of workers in Bolu, Turkey was using heavy machinery to excavate a large concrete pit on a chicken farm when things came to a screeching halt. They’d discovered that something was trapped in the underground septic tank…

The construction workers quickly realized that their next priority had to be getting out whatever was trapped inside. This meant digging the excavator into the underground tank to create a bigger opening for easy access.

Once a large enough portion of the septic tank was destroyed, the construction workers got a better look at what was stuck. Not only were they stunned when they discovered its identity, but they were in serious danger…

The workers were facing a massive, frightened bear! They needed to use their courage and wits to get the frightened animal out safely – even though he kept angrily swiping away at them.

Initially, bumping into a creature here may not have been such a surprise. After all, Bolu, with its lush forests and heavily wooded areas, is home to a great deal of wildlife. But in this particular case, it presented a much more terrifying challenge to the humans involved.

vanderfrog / Flickr


More than likely, this bear had been chasing the chickens that lived on the farm when he tripped and fell into the septic tank. No one knew how long he’d been down there, but he was probably very hungry…

As for the workers, they simply couldn’t have continued moving forward with their construction project knowing a bear was trapped in the site. It wasn’t just the right thing to do, but a means of avoiding danger to themselves!

Even though the bear was most likely just as scared, it’s not hard to picture yourself coming out swinging just like he did if men in hard hats came banging on your shelter in the middle of a snooze!

That didn’t mean that the bear didn’t try to purposely intimidate the uninvited guests, though. Throughout most of the rescue, the bear played games with the workers and kept going back into the septic tank…

Eventually, however, the bear must have realized that he was no longer safe in that quickly crumbling shelter, so he scrambled to dig himself out of there as quickly as he could. Besides, the workers showed no signs of stopping!

Once the frustrated, frightened bear did escape, he didn’t hesitate to leave what had recently become a construction site for the relative safety of the forest…

It was far from an ideal turn of events for the poor animal, because surely the big guy would have much preferred to stay put, but he didn’t have much of a choice at that moment! Besides, anywhere must have been better than that filthy septic tank.

Clearly, this Turkish construction company couldn’t have known what they were getting themselves into when they decided that this would be a good place to build their latest development. Had they known they’d have this setback, they may have planned differently.

And even though they must have known the rescue operation would be unpredictable, you also can’t blame the construction workers for being terrified. This was still a bear, so they were probably seeing their lives flash before their eyes!

After all, rescue or no rescue, this bear meant business from the start. Thankfully most his aggression was towards the excavator and not the people. It just goes to show that you never know what may be lurking in those “boring” construction sites…

Copper the horse, for example, was found on such a site after he fell 15 feet into a sinkhole in Kittitas County, Washington. He was eventually rescued by a construction crew as well!

There was also this lioness in Amrapur, India, who fell into an 80-foot well and required the help, bravery, and ingenuity of the local community to get lifted back up to the surface.

You’re definitely not going to want to miss seeing the underground inhabitant that left these workmen in Bolu totally flabbergasted, even as they tried to do the right thing. It’s fascinating and surprising to watch, sad as it may be as well!

That big guy wasn’t too pleased at all! Hopefully, though, it’ll be smooth sailing for him now that he’s free to roam once again.

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